Arkansas Bankers Association

1220 West Third St.
Little Rock, AR 72201
501-376-9243 (fax)
Contact: Derek Rudkin

Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma

9220 North Kelley Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73131
Contact: Carolyn Snyder

The Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma is a member-driven trade association. It is funded by the membership dues of community banks owned or chartered in the State of Oklahoma. Voting membership is not open to large, out-of-state mega-banks, even if they operate branches in Oklahoma. CBAO allows bankers to collectively accomplish many goals that would normally be unattainable with only the efforts of an individual banker or individual bank. CBAO fights proactively for legislation that would level the playing field for community banking, while at the same time maintaining a strong defense against costly and burdensome regulations. Since CBAO only allows community banks into membership, 100% of priority issues are on behalf of the community banking industry.

Independent Bankers Association of Texas

1700 Rio Grande, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78701
512-322-9004 (fax)
Contact: Julie Courtney

IBAT provides educational training specific to community banking. Our goal is to meet the community banker needs with a variety of different delivery methods.

  • Compliance Seminars
  • Customized In-house Programs (Cluster Programs)
  • Management Seminars
  • Online Training Programs
  • Summit Programs
  • Telephone Seminars

Comments & Questions
If you would like to comment or suggest educational topics or if you have questions about this information, please call our Education/Training Department.  Julie Courtney, CMP at (800) 749-4228 or E-mail

New Mexico Bankers Association

7770 Jefferson N.E., Suite 430
Albuquerque, NM 87109
505-822-8345 (fax)
Contact: Debbie Schaefer

Oklahoma Bankers Association

643 N.E. 41st St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
405-424-4518 (fax)
Contact: Janis Reeser

Professional development plays a vital role in banking today. When bankers are well-trained for their jobs, everyone wins - the bankers, their banks, shareholders and, of course, customers.

Recognizing the critical importance of training, the Oklahoma Bankers Association offers an extensive lineup of seminars and schools covering almost every area of bank operations.  If you have any questions or would like an application form, please contact Janis Reeser, OBA Director of Education, at 405-424-5252 or  You can also contact Nancy McKinnis at the same phone number or if you would like to have information faxed to you.

Texas Bankers Association

203 W. 10th St.
Austin, TX 78701
512-473-2560 (fax)
Contact: Kathy Box

Providing the ultimate in banking services depends on the consistent performance of skilled and knowledgeable personnel.  In an industry subject to rapid, unpredictable change, TBA members count on their association to offer the latest in education and training.  In the last 20 years, technical, sales, compliance and product training has expanded to more than 150 seminars, five conferences and nine banking schools each year. TBA’s Educational Products and Services area continues to develop the latest in reference manuals, video training, PC-based training, security products and in-house training programs.

Western Independent Bankers

550 Montgomery Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94111
415-352-2314 (fax)
Contact: Judie Peterson

WIB offers more than 100 educational programs covering a wide range of community banking topics.  Their seminars are priced with the budget concerns of community bankers in mind.  Their programs provide an extremely high value for the fees charged. Members’ registration fees for most programs are discounted 25-40% over non-members.  One of the reasons for their ongoing growth in attendance is the reputation and popularity of our peer group sessions at many of our seminars.  The opportunity to meet with other bankers for informal, yet structured discussions is invaluable.