Bring "what-if" technology to your institution and build a world-class management team.
SWGSB has modernized the bank simulation experience to meet the digital age – making it truly user friendly.
BankCEO is a one-of-a-kind experience that distills years of bank management down to a series of well-focused decisions and applications.

BankCEO is the SW Graduate School of Banking's own proprietary, online bank simulation program. It is designed specifically to provide banking officers real-world experience. Similar to a sophisticated, interactive airline simulation, BankCEO sets participants in the middle of the action. This is iPad technology for today's "connected" banker.

Unique to BankCEO are advanced features, such as:

  • Online, real-time access from classroom or office
  • Instant reporting
  • Multi-user departmental decision making
  • Full graphics and reporting of bank's position and comparison to peers
  • Simulation previews that allow participants to explore "what-if" scenarios before final decision submissions
  • "As needed" reporting which gathers and presents information only when required
  • Online Help Desk — virtually eliminating need for users manual

BankCEO Defined

BankCEO participants are members of a management team that has responsibility for the operation of a virtual mid-size commercial bank. They deal with many of the financial and operational aspects faced regularly by senior officers in banks across the country, including:

  • Competing in a dynamic marketplace and making decisions to respond to changes in the economic environment (e.g., economic forecasting)
  • Competing aggressively against other banks in the virtual community for deposits and loans
  • Analyzing critically the position of their virtual bank, establishing objectives, and determining the policies most likely to achieve those objectives
  • Making appropriate decisions on how best to use the people, services, and resources of the virtual organization
  • Managing and directing their virtual bank's investment and loan portfolio, deposit generation strategy, capital position, cash flow, and profitability
  • Adhering to bank regulatory authorities and being held accountable for violations of their rules and regulations

Management decisions generate appropriate, real-world responses. This immediate feedback of decision consequences is what sets SWGSB's BankCEO apart.

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BankCEO Delivered and Customized

BankCEO is a first-class "live" classroom experience at SWGSB. But it is also offered online to SWGSB clients at Either way, this is the most technologically advanced bank simulation experience available today.

Only SWGSB offers BankCEO's online simulation to outside clients. Competing against all other virtual banks in a community, bank management teams benefit from decision making "test drives." This unique feature of BankCEO eliminates the "game" aspect and shifts the focus to making the best and most appropriate decisions to maximize virtual bank performance and shareholder value.

Ready for a Test Drive?

Customized BankCEO courses are offered "on demand," by appointment. To arrange a test drive, please us at (214) 768-2991 or sign up below. At SWGSB, it is a snap to "charter" a virtual bank. Request More Information.