Participants rank BankCEO as one of the top SWGSB Benefits.
The SWGSB Living Case Study brings to life what other schools only teach on paper
Graduate School of Banking
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas
May 28 – June 7, 2024

Commercial loan officers, branch managers, credit analysts, cashiers, mortgage lenders, consumer lenders, operations officers, state and federal banking regulators, and many more banking professionals gather each summer on the campus of Southern Methodist University for a two-week leadership development program designed to propel careers in the financial services industry. The SW Graduate School of Banking at SMU prepares future leaders in the banking community for greater responsibilities with peer networking, team-building experiences, case studies, a tailored curriculum, and an exceptional student-faculty ratio. The atmosphere during your three resident sessions will be one that fosters friendships and professional alliances. We call it the “SWGSB Experience,” and it brings out the best in people, profits, and performance.

67th Annual Session
May 28 – June 7, 2024
Edwin L. Cox School of Business
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas
Program Fee: $5,795
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The SWGSB Experience

"Having SWGSB as part of my educational career has meant more than I ever thought it would. The lessons learned in the group settings — from the case studies and BankCEO to the friends I still stay in touch with years later — have added to the foundation that has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I can't imagine note having this experience to better prepare me to be a first-class banker, especially in today's every-changing environment!"
- Maureen Carollo, Senior Vice President, Great Plains National Bank

What makes the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking (SWGSB) first among equals is its dynamic, interactive format. From the moment you arrive on campus, you are a full participant in the whole educational experience — at the very center of the action. "SWGSB is unique — and the concept so compelling" is the constant refrain. Small class sizes allow you to bond with all of your classmates, not just a few. At every turn, you are challenged to take an active role in your education, learning from instructors and sharing your knowledge and experiences with your peers. The result is a dynamic, graduate-level program that creates leaders and achievers.

From essential core elements to the latest management strategies, SWGSB is a true collaborative style of learning. Empowering you to gain complete mastery of leadership, this sure-fire approach is transformative, hands-on executive education. And only SWGSB delivers it.

Admissions Information

We are currently still accepting registrations for the SWGSB 2024 freshman class. Please submit your application online at We look forward to seeing you in person, on campus, in the spring.

Program Investment

$5,795 per year – inclusive of tuition, room and board on the SMU campus, and all digital classroom materials for the two week session.

Who Should Attend?

“The combination of knowledgeable, engaging instructors, Living Case Studies, and BankCEO provided an experience unmatched by anything else in my banking career. By far the most important resource you leave with from SWGSB is a network of highly effective leaders in your industry. This school is essential for anyone desiring to hold an executive level management position within their organization.”
- Jonathan C. Holmes, Vice President, The Valley State Bank

The recommended prerequisite for attending the SW Graduate School of Banking at SMU is three to five years' experience in the financial services industry, a regulatory agency, or a business or agency affiliated with the banking industry and a strong working knowledge of finance and accounting.


Classes are held at the renowned Edwin L. Cox School of Business at SMU, which Bloomberg Businessweek ranks among America's finest. With unique programs like the Living Case Study and BankCEO, the SW Graduate School of Banking is set apart from its peers. Only at the SW Graduate School of Banking will you find the rare opportunity to analyze and study a real-world bank, propose changes, and interact with its top management. This Living Case Study allows you to test drive your education and understand what it takes to lead a financial institution into the 21st century. Similarly, our BankCEO online bank simulation technology compliments your knowledge development of the overall bank. BankCEO distills years of bank management down to a series of well-focused decisions and applications.

Leadership and Development Experience

From essential core banking elements to the latest management strategies, the SW Graduate School of Banking at SMU is a true collaborative style of learning. The three resident sessions present carefully crafted curriculum that focuses first on analytical proficiency, then leadership development, and then finally strategic visioning.

SW Graduate School of Banking Learning Pyramid

The first session is focused on problem-solving skills. Here the indispensable tools needed to measure performance, evaluate risk, and manage the organization are emphasized — the tools required for superior performance. The first resident session lays the foundation for the overall program.

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The core curriculum includes:
  • Bank Finance and Risk Management
  • Asset Liability Management
  • Bank Investments
  • Financial Economics
  • Bank Regulation
  • Bank Operations and Technology
  • Credit Analysis and Case Studies
  • Living Case Study on Bank Performance

During the second session, the emphasis is on management and leadership of various functions, departments, products, and the overall bank. Here you will be led by world-renowned instructors and New York Times bestselling authors on the art of leadership. In addition, the curriculum focuses on the macro environment and the impact this has on the industry and the future of your organization. And you begin to tailor the program with your choice of career-enhancing electives.

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The core curriculum includes:
  • Enhancing Your Leadership Skills
  • Money and Capital Markets
  • Loan Portfolio Management
  • BankCEO (a competitive bank simulation program)
  • Living Case Study on Bank Management
  • Extensive Selection of Electives

The final session focuses on mastering your strategic planning and visioning skills and cumulates in building a strategic outline in your Living Case Study. Your first-class faculty guide you to the development of strategic solutions to problems and issues facing the industry. Now you can say you are a SWGSB grad!

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The core curriculum includes:
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • BankCEO (a competitive bank simulation program)
  • Building Lasting Value for Shareholders
  • C-Suite Panel of Experts
  • Living Case Study on Strategic Planning
  • Extensive Selection of Electives